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Kitchen Renovations

One of the most popular services we provide is complete electrical renovations of kitchens. We can design and install every part of your project, from lighting, power, heating and ventilation. Our recent client designs have included the latest in L.E.D light technology for a stunning visual effect and low power consumption.
Both kitchens and utility rooms require special ventilation in order to prevent condensation problems from affecting the room. A kitchen usually has an extractor hood mounted above the hob that requires ducting to be run to an outside grille. This will provide plenty of ventilation for a kitchen as the hob extractor will far exceed the minimum litres per second rating for a kitchen. If the extract hood is of the filter type only, it is recommended to mount a separate auxillary fan adjacent to provide proper ventilation.

Kitchens have always been the most power consumptious room in any house so a lot of wiring is therefore required in order to make all the integrated appliances work. Traditionally local isolation for each appliance has been provided by separate spur switches usually mounted above the worktop. This is ok for budget kitchens, however we have started to design all in one control panels utilising the latest grid switch modules to minimise the number of accessories on show. This minimalistic design approach looks fantastic in a contemporary kitchen. All appliances can be isolated from the control grid and each item will be fused at this point, making it possible to change blown fuses without having to gain access to the plug behind the fitted integrated appliance.

All accessories we fit can be tailered to match your bespoke design. We are able to source out any finish on the accessories you require and will endeavour to install them to the highest standard. We specialise in the more adventurous
projects that require a lot of pre thought in the design, for instance where a number of appliances need to be integrated and will require access to the electrical points etc.

For any kitchen project, one of the most important criteria to have right is the lighting. Poor illumination will prevent your project from having that sought after wow factor. The use of sunk in spot lights are fantastic for lighting up areas of work and highlighting specific features. Modern low hanging pendants are great for the dining area particularly when controlled from dimmers to ensure the correct ambience.
Supplementary lighting in the form of under cabinet illumination and low energy L.E.D pelmet fittings can be used to provide a magic effect. Controlled separately from the main lights, it is particularly useful early in the morning and late at night when your eyes would prefer a more gentle light.


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